SGL Sales and Marketing

Truck & Trailer

P.O. Box 458, Milan, OH 44846

  • USB Switches, Fuse Blocks, Circuit Breakers, Push Button Switches
  • Lithium Batteries, Portable Batteries, Battery Monitors
  • Marine Woven Flooring, Marine Grade Carpeting, Mats
  • Marine Fasteners, Marine Screws
  • Fog/Driving Lights, LED Lighting, Trailer Lighting, Wiring Harnesses, incandescent Lighting, RV Lighting, Reflectors
  • Winch Straps, Transom Tie Downs, Chemical and Cleaners, Waxes, Polishes, Brushes,Lubes, Teak Care,Mold and Mildew Odor Control, Fabric Care,Water Treatment
  • Fenders, Custom Trailer Parts, Cables & Hardware,Trailer Products, Dock Hard, Hooker Anchors, Dock Ladders, Panel Bracket Assemblies, Bunk Products, Fender Brackets, Tire Carriers, Hitch and Winch Cables, Winch Straps
  • Adhesively Bonded Studs, Wire Tie Mounts, Battery Hold Downs