SGL Sales and Marketing

Marine OEM

P.O. Box 458, Milan, OH 44846

  • Emergency Beacons, Search Lights, Survival Kit
  • Navigation, Interior, Flood Lights and Horns
  • Cup Holders, Deck Plates, Hatches
  • Trim Tabs, Hatch Lifting Systems, Trim Tab Assemblies
  • USB Switches, Fuse Blocks, Circuit Breakers, Push Button Switches
  • Marine Audio, Amplifiers, Tower Speakers , Sound Bars, Subwoofers, PowerPods, Wake Towers
  • VHF Radios, Marine Raios, Floating Handheld VHS Radios
  • Sanitation, Marine Toilet Paper, Air Conditioning, Portable Toilets, Coolers and Refrigerators, Water Heaters, Mobile Cooking, Ventilation Solutions, Coolers, Refrigerators, AC,Controls and Cables, Electrical Power Steering, Engine and Drive Parts, Engine Diagnostics, Fuel Solutions, Hydraulic Steering, Marine Heaters, Mechanical Steering, Jackplates, Shields Hose, Switch and Electrical
  • Lithium Batteries, Portable Batteries, Battery Monitors
  • Pumps, Impeller Pumps, Flow Control Pumps, Fishing Livewell Pumps, Bilge Pumps, Impeller Kits, Wash Down Pumps, Waste Water Pump Solution, Aerator Pumps, Toilets
  • Marine Woven Flooring, Marine Grade Carpeting, Mats
  • Marine Fasteners, Marine Screws
  • Livewells, Water/Waste Tanks, Fuel Tanks, Jerry Cans, Fuel Transports, Fuel Connectors, Valves, Vents, Fuel Water Seperator/Filters, Fuel Senders and Gauges, Motor Flushers
  • Rubber Marine Bearings
  • Digital Depth Finders,Boating and Fishing Electronics, Norchill Coolers
  • LED Lighting, Underwater Lights, Dock Lights
  • Fog/Driving Lights, LED Lighting, Trailer Lighting, Wiring Harnesses, incandescent Lighting, RV Lighting, Reflectors
  • EVA Marine Flooring Products, PE/EVA Foam, Non Skid Flooring
  • Engine Parts, Hose, Switches, Filtration, Fuel Lines and Fittings, Oil and Lubs, Cooling Systems, STATS
  • Winch Straps, Transom Tie Downs, Chemical and Cleaners, Waxes, Polishes, Brushes,Lubes, Teak Care,Mold and Mildew Odor Control, Fabric Care,Water Treatment
  • Luxurious Aquatic Surfaces, Non-Slip Swim Surface Pads
  • Fenders, Buoys,Boat Covers, Bimini Tops, Dock Products, Dock Boxes,Accessories, Furniture and Seating,Deck Hardware
  • Fenders, Custom Trailer Parts, Cables & Hardware,Trailer Products, Dock Hard, Hooker Anchors, Dock Ladders, Panel Bracket Assemblies, Bunk Products, Fender Brackets, Tire Carriers, Hitch and Winch Cables, Winch Straps
  • Stainless and Aluminum Propellers
  • Instrumentation, Fuel & Water Senders, Analog Gauges, Marine Displays, Controllers and Modules, Sensors and Switches, Metrix Gauges
  • Adhesively Bonded Studs, Wire Tie Mounts, Battery Hold Downs
  • Hardware, Cleats, Latches, Top Fittings, Bimini Hardware,Anchor Accessories, Cabinet/Hatch Hardware, Deck Fittings, Rail Fittings, Top Fittings, Teak Accessories